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    Exclamation New Cheap And HUGE Hosting Deal

    I have hosting to offer which is unlimited MB and unlimited BANDWIDTH. (not really unlmited but so high u dont have to worry about it unless you get like 50 000 visitors // not hits a day) Also I can only subdomain and folder not domain. But I do support everything like mysql, php, cgi, etc. We can work out a price that is very low around 50-20 US Dollars a month.

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    Re: New Cheap And HUGE Hosting Deal

    Originally posted by Ice Man -OGS
    50-20 US Dollars a month.
    What country are you from

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    Ahh I meant 10-20 and I said US Dollars so obviously US. United States.

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    if you are a web hosting company, why are you using a free TK domain name?

    Advice to everyone:.....possible SCAM?

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    LOL! The .tk isn't my hosting site. The site I use to host is but yet I am not a hosting company. I'm just a nice kid looking for hostees for a cheap price !

    Scam my ass.

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    So shouldnt this post be in the "Web Hosting Requests" section?

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