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    Hardware Geeks: Advice Needed

    Hey there,

    I used to be heavy into PC hardware up until about two years ago. Since then I've only done some light reading on the subject. Well now it's time to upgrade my PC and I need a crash course in all the latest CPU/Mobo/Memory technologies.

    I know about most of the usual sites like Tom's and Anand etc but I was wondering if any of you current hardware nuts could point me to some good articles for folks like myself that need to catch up.
    Justin McMichael
    Tech Fidelity, LLC

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    Hi Justin,

    I'm very much in the same boat as 2 and a half years ago I was able to close up my local PC building and maintanence business and move my office back home and now am comfortable just with internet business.

    Since this has happened I find myself very much in the same place as you.

    Not sure if you have considered this but my first thought was to see what was "Selling", then go after the end user response off the main stream board models and manufactuers.

    Every computer I've built in my office here, and every computer I built for my family members and friends are still working and are all asus.

    6 months ago I built two identical systems (ASUS boards, AMD chips) and found that they were buggy, the returns just based on those two systems was disapointing.

    Same thing when it came to looking at backing up some of my 36 gig scsis.

    Yes, they are fast, hold a lot of data, but man 80 gigs is 80 gigs and boy you can store a lot of stuff on it, so it was time to go buy an inexpesive storage drive just cause I could.

    Well I found the IBM to be the most available (Most on that in a moment)< and also found that the returns were so high it was a massive flaw, so I was back to scouting out the old Quaxtor Drives I love (Quantum Maxtor), ended up buying two more 36 gig lvd's.

    Now back to the mother board's that I loved to love that now looks like are better left for the RMA department as soon as they arrive and find that it is very sparse on returns and user complaints (The systems I build always have Intel chips and have never failed me), mind ya I put up a 486DX against a AMD 120 and Duke ran on the Intel smoothly, the AMD choked, yes different technology but I have ran a similiar test in the last 5 years and have always come to the same conclusion.

    Intel chips have the beef, AMD chips have the specs, I want beef.

    So I knew I need to look at an Intel capable ASUS board even though I had bad luck with a couple asus boards, and three MSI boards come to think of it, they were just crap! nice pretty lights on the motherboard though.. So, I thought, Ok I have a million dollars so let's go shoppin!

    I find the CU series of ASUS boards will still support the gig of ram I have on my board right now which gives me time to save for the newer technology ram, PLUS 1!, next, does it have too much on it "On board vid cards suck because inevitibly you are paying for a second rate technology that will outdate (Or will already be outdated) before the board's usability is outlived.

    So, I know I want a stripped, Intel chip capable, bare bones mother board (No on board nothin!)

    I finally settle for this motherboard:

    It suits the need, will take a fast processor and heck! its a 115 bucks and most everything I have in this system will swap right accross.

    Just what I've been up to in refamiliarizing myself with what's out there.
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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