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    * Domains for sale

    I have some domains for sale:

    I would prefer to sell the above domains as a package deal.

    I also have a domain suitable for a hosting business:

    Thereīs already a host thatīs using so you will probably get some targeted traffic from people typing in the wrong domain (I havenīt measured the traffic yet, sorry).

    Appraisal Certificate Links - $ 8900 - $ 4150

    All offers are welcome.

    Pm, email or post your offer.


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    WOW, That is expensive!
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    Well, expensive isnīt a good word to use when I havenīt told a price.

    And Iīm not aiming to get the appraised values of the domains even though is pretty good when it comes to appraising domains.

    Iīve had the domains up for sale less then 24 hours and I already have interested buyers.

    If you want to give me an offer, you are free to do so.


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    even though is pretty good when it comes to appraising domains.
    Domain appraisals from those type of services do not reflect it's actual value. They need business. And by giving you a high appraisal, it brought you back to get an additional named appraised.

    If they tell you; "Sir your name is garbage and it will never sell for more then $30." Would you return? More then likely that will be your last visit. So no matter what the domain. Their appraisals will always exceed the domain's actual value by twenty fold. If not a lot more. Good luck and all, however the majority of appraisal services are untrustworthy and unreliable. >> Web hosting forum
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    Thank you DomiNET

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    Expect a max of $250 in the reseller market. Unless a rich entepreneur comes looking for your names for $$$$. But that rarely happens in the shape the economy is today.

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    I know that the appraisals often are too high but is one of the better services.

    I got a potential buyer who wanted an appraisal from or or else he wouldnīt be interested, thatīs why I got the appraisals. He will place a bid according to the appraisal for so I donīt care if the domains appraised value is too high.

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    I already got bids over $400.

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    Wow. That's pretty cool. $400? Good for you.

    I have a real pet peeve with "domain appraisals". They are so ridiculously over-inflated, they lose all credibility. They are simply an ingenious scam to stroke the customer's ego. (Maybe I'm bitter 'cause I didn't think of the idea first ).

    In fact, I think that you're actually doing yourself a disservice by posting the "appraised" value. I feel it takes away from your credibility.

    In any event, good luck with the sale.

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    Re: timechange

    Originally posted by SpeedPromote
    I already got bids over $400.
    Then grab the cash while it's hot, foo' !

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    Please disregard from the appraisals.

    Anyone who wants the StarTeen domains?

    Iīm in need of money very fast.
    $200 for all.

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    When a potential buyer requests an appraisal from a SPECIFIC company, it's most likely a scam to get you to pay for an appraisal!

    After all, the potential buyer is just that: a POTENTIAL buyer. So the scenario is:-

    A) They ask you for an appraisal from APPRAISALCO
    B) You pay good money for a meaningless, wildly inflated appraisal from APPRAISALCO
    C) You send the inflated appraisal to the prospect
    D) You never hear from them again

    Bad luck, but hopefully you won't get scammed a second time...

    Incidentally, you should start your auction off at $15-20 otherwise you're not going to see any action since the domains are pretty much worthless.

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    Iīm a newbie when it comes to selling domains, but I havenīt lost any money and Iīve learned from the experience IF it was a scam. I will get burned more times, itīs called learning.

    Thereīs no need for me to start the auction off at $15-20 since I have several interested buyers for the domains, the is up to $400 right now and I will get a bid on the StarTeen domains in the nearest days.

    "the domains are pretty much worthless" - Please donīt post negative comments if you donīt know what you are talking about, if the domains where useless I wouldnīt have interested buyers villing to pay at least $400 less than 24 hours after I announced the domains being for sale.

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