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    * Hurricane Electric Colo Fremont, 1u - Full Cabs High-Quality B.W ($0 setup)

    ServerTweak Networks, LLC / ( ) is offering the absolute lowest price for Premium bandwidth on Dedicated Ports and cabinets.

    ServerTweak Networks, LLC
    utilizes the fastest data center around ( FMT2) with more then 9 backbone connections and peering relationships with over 500 unique Internet networks around the world and has over 1,200 live BGP peering sessions which help improve the speed and throughput of data between its network and its peers networks in both directions.

    What you get ?
    * High-Quality Bandwidth
    * 100% Network Uptime
    * 24x7 Ticket System Access
    * 24/7 call in to datacenter for reboots
    * 24/7/365 access to your equipment
    * 24/7 Staffed Security
    * Redundant Network
    * Redundant Power
    * RTG Bandwidth Reports
    * Card Key Doors
    * Secure Rack
    * Custom Video Surveillance
    * Fremont II, CA
    * Overages $45/Mbps 95th percentail billing
    * Terms: 12months - 30 days cancellation notice required
    * Free Ip's
    * Free Manual Reboots
    * Free WiFi Access for your Laptop
    * rDNS Servers

    Promo Expires: May 26, 2007

    1U colocation w/5Mbps bandwidth
    * $79/mo. $0 setup fee.

    2U-4U colocation w/5Mbps bandwidth
    * $109/mo. $0 setup fee.

    Full Cab 42u w/15amp power
    * $625 w/ 10mbps, $0 setup

    Cross Connects, please contact

    Join our blazing fast all Fiber network. Current customers are welcome to take advantage of these offers.

    To order please email and reference this Special. Please include your companies Name and Billing address.

    ** All international customers must send funds via Wire **

    * Ping Test:
    * Speed Test:

    Network Details / Map:

    Company URL:
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