Ok, here's the problem...

We've got two webservers hosting sites here where I work. One is a nice BSDI server, the other is a tempermental RAQ XTR. When Frontpage extensions mess up on the BSDI server, we run fpsrvadm.exe and Check 'n' Fix to fix the problem. Works like a champ. However...

On the XTR, when I run Check 'n' Fix on the XTR, here's what I get:

Cannot open "/etc/httpd/conf/fpx.httpd.conf": no such file or folder.
This NEVER happens when we run C'n'F on the BSDI server, and I've been unable to find any information anywhere on configuring C'n'F (if there is such a thing).

There's got to be a better way of fixing *corrupted* Frontpage extensions on the XTR than just uninstalling/reinstalling them. If that's what you do, sometimes customers' sites don't look right once the extensions are reloaded (templates, etc.). Anybody have some tips/ideas?