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    The current design of my site can be seen at and I am aware that is is looking "old" from newer sites. I have recently completed a few other designs that we will hopefully be switching to in the next few weeks.

    Design #1)
    Something seems to be missing here, I do not know what. The blue bar at the top seems a little plain, and it does not seem to "flow". I dunno, it just kinda seems weird lol. This design uses Cascading Style Sheets, Layers, and is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5x bur runs fine with a little colour mixup on Netcape 4x.

    Design #2)
    I have not added the links to the top yet as seen in the first design, but they will be added eventually. This design I feel looks a little better, and the advertisement is a little better placed, stands out more, and flows more with the design. I do not know how good this looks through others minds though . This page, like the first, uses both Layers, Cascading Style Sheets, and is designed for IE 5x, but will worh with a little colour distortion in Netscape 4x.

    Overall, which design looks best to the eye, as well as most appealing. I want the ads to stand out, and hopefully do a favor to our advertisers, but I also want it to flow with the page.

    Any replies are greatly appreciated

    Kind Regards,
    Shawn Snider

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    newlayout2 is muccccch better than original/currebt design

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    Option 2 looks better.

    If you put the header and side menu in a frame you can add a slight bevel and maybe a pinstripe or photo background in the blue area. This will jazz them up without having to reload them with each click.

    All in all a nice clean layout.


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