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    Thumbs up *new* Private Label Reseller Provider


    Please allow me to introduce a new player in the private label reseller market.

    Reseller Space

    We have been in the web hosting business for nearly 3 years and have recently decided to concentrate on private label reseller options. We currently have another domain through which we offer shared hosting, however this will be shut down soon so we are not in competition with our customers of ResellerSpace.

    We currently offer 5 private label reseller plans:

    Plan 1: 2Gb space, 20Gb bandwidth, $40/month, $0 setup
    Plan 2: 3Gb space, 30Gb bandwidth, $45/month, $0 setup
    Plan 3: 4Gb space, 35Gb bandwidth, $60/month, $0 setup
    Plan 4: 5Gb space, 40Gb bandwidth, $65/month, $0 setup
    Plan 5: 6Gb space, 50Gb bandwidth, $80/month, $0 setup

    (All prices are in US Dollars)

    All plans come with:

    UNLIMITED Domains Hosted (initally set to 100 with the option to increase)
    UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
    UNLIMITED Sub Domains
    UNLIMITED POP3 Email Accounts
    UNLIMITED Email Lists
    UNLIMITED Email Forwarders
    UNLIMITED Auto Responders
    UNLIMITED Domain Pointers
    Web Host Manager
    Interchange Shopping Cart
    Secure Shell (SSH)
    Server Side Includes
    Web Based File Manager
    Online Database Management
    Private CGI-Bin
    PhpMyAdmin Access
    Custom Name Servers
    Total Anonymity

    Communication to customers is important to us, so there are 2 separate "announcement" facilities and a mailing that that can be archived.

    Details of plans can be found here.

    Bandwidth is provided through Yipes, Level3 and Genuity. The server has a Pentium 3 1.13Ghz processor and 512MB RAM.

    The server has recently been established, and has been running solidly ever since, if interested a URL (which I wont post publicly) can be given to view the server stats.

    Support is offered through a helpdesk ticket system, a knowledge base/FAQ section, and there are 2 people able to "jump on" any issue that may arise.

    The server is located at an Exton, PA data center, whose network guarantee 99.9999% network uptime in their SLA (excluding scheduled maintenance).

    If you do a search through the forums here on WHT for us you wont find any reviews or comments, as I said we are new, and as such I have created a new name for the WHT forum to reflect the resellerspace brand.

    If you have any questions post below or PM me.

    Thank you

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    Ouch My Eyes. That Red.

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    Um what red? The site is orange and blue, no red present

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    Yeah I don't see any red anywhere - Just orange...

    Nice offer btw

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    Originally posted by Dotcomsnz
    Nice offer btw

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    special offer for WHT members

    Here's what I'll do.

    Sign up for any of the plans mentioned, and in the comments field for the payment processor (revecom) add that you're from WHT, and I'll double the amount of bandwidth you get each month, for the life of your account.

    So sign up for:

    Plan 1, instead of the usual 20Gb bandwidth, you'll get 40Gb.
    Plan 2, instead of 30Gb you get 60Gb.
    Plan 3 gets you 70Gb instead of 35Gb.
    Plan 4 gets you 80Gb, not 40Gb.
    Plan 5 gives you a huge 100Gb of bandwidth every month for the life of your account.

    This offer is limited to the first 10 people to sign up from WHT, so get in quick!

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