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    Question Raq 4: How do u guys handle FTP accounts?

    What would you do in this situation?

    Ok let's say I have a client who wants 2 email accounts of 10 meg each, and webspace of 50 megabytes.

    What I do is that I now create 3 users, User A, User B and also a Siteadmin account for him to FTP and add/delete email accounts. Thus the entire diskspace alloted for the domain is 70 megabytes.

    Just found out that if you put the Site Admin account quota to have only 1 megabyte, when you FTP in you can only FTP up 1 megabyte also!!!!!

    Thus for the following example this is what I would do in the site management setup:

    - 2 email accounts (10 meg each)
    - 50 megabytes webspace

    You will need the following quotas then:

    - User A (10 Meg)
    - User B (10 Meg)
    - Siteadmin (50 Meg for the website stuff)

    I hope I am wrong though, the Raq can't be that silly!

    Plus while you are it, anyone can give me tips on how to handle FTP matters? Thanks in advance!
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    That's what I have found's easiest to set the Site Administrator a disk quota equal to that of the complete account.

    If you user fills up that account with e-mail and runs out of space for thier site, it's their own fault. Just make sure you educate them that the Site Administrator account should only be used when dealing with the web site itself. They should use their other accounts when dealing with personal web space, e-mail, etc.
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    Yeah thanks for proving me right, but I hope I am still wrong.

    Ok, the reason why I do not recommend to my clients about the email part, is that usually you have the case where there are 3 web designers in their firm who need the same FTP account. If they all can access via the FTP account, it means that they can use the same userID and password to access that person's email.

    This is why I create a new account just for FTP and email-admin purposes.

    I wish the Raq had a dedicated FTP server. If someone sniffs a client while he is FTPing, he will then have shell access (if Telnet is turned on or SSH is installed)

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