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    Hi, I am new to this board, this is my first post.

    I have been searching for hours, over the last couple of days and I feel I am ready to post.

    I am looking for a design for a web hosting company that I am starting.

    I would like something very professional, and to have some flash elements incorporated into it.

    After searching I found one design for Edge-Host which someone else had done which I like alot, but unfortunily it is taken I would like to know if anyone has something similar, not identical but this is what my tastebuds prefer.

    Here is the link to the thread on this forum:

    I would like something that involves images of servers, etc. I was also thinking of the flash element at the top having something with a city image. Have you ever seen those videos of a city, for example I think it was Sex in the City where the videos of NY are taken over a long period of time then played fast as if the day is passing quickly? and clouds are moving? This is something that I would like to have. The hosting company is going to have the word City in it so this is why I think it would go great.

    All comments apreciated, and I have seen nothing but great help and alot of knowledgable users on this board and I am hoping that we can find what we are looking for here on this forum.

    Thank you!

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    If it didnt have to have flash I could design you a site.
    - Andy
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    your post mentioned clearly what you wish the design to contain! thats very good!

    but it left out an imporant thing to attract competent designers who could offer you what you wish. please do mention your approximate budget for requiring this sort of work. else many of the good designers who could give you what you want and who frequent this board may not be interested in contacting you.

    hope that helps!
    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
    (for Print, Television & Internet media)

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    I decided not to post my budget or how much I "can" spend as I have been ripped off to many times in the past with other projects. I say hey I can spend 200$ so it comes to $172, etc. Hope everyone understands and this does not stop you from replying.

    The flash doesnt need to contain the city videos but could be a nice touch. I just basicly want something like edge-host.

    Now the owners of Edge-Host if you are reading this I do not want to duplicate your web hosting co design, I just really admire it and would like something to that effect.

    I would like to see if there is anyone out there that is offering pre-designed templates with the Flash Elements that are nice. I am also encouring designers to quote me a price, either on this thread or you can send me a message. This is a project that we would like to get up by the early August.

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    in a competitve world such as WHT it would be very difficult for any designer to rip you off... its generally the other way around. LOL!

    in my personal opinion, similar work that is found on the Edge-Host site can be done easily for you. but it could cost you anywhere between $300 to $500 miminum to get a site (about 10 pages) designed by a competent designer with such flash elements as you have described. maybe much more!

    i have two useful suggestions for you:

    1. contact Edge-Host and ask them for a quote. they are flash designers themselves if i am not mistaken. if they aren't then they could introduce you to the designer who did their site.

    2. contact - but be prepared to shell out the $$$ in the thousands!

    I advise No. 1 above because since you like the Edge-Host design style so much already, it would be more logical to invite the designer who created the Edge-Host site to do your site if you agree to the quoted fees.
    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
    (for Print, Television & Internet media)

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    i have this template that can work for a hosting site...

    i can implement some flash elements into it without any trouble also...

    please get back to me if you are interested...

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    Well I can do it although I don't really have any graphics of those clouds. Take a look at my portfolio
    And check out the for sale section for some ready made templates...the last template of the page is in the city theme and can be customized to fit a hosting site.
    take a look at my site too:


    Idan Arbel
    Arbel Designs.
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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    arbel... i think jemichael wants the flash to incorporate moving clouds... what is referred to as an effect captured by 'time-lapse' cameras. he clearly outlined that in his request as a possible effect. so a single or multiple cloud graphics would not really suffice.

    jemichael, if you get a flash designer in this forum who agrees to work for you, we can supply you with the brief video shoot of the moving clouds effect you referred to. we have the time-lapse equipment to get these shots in our studio. the service would cost you US $1500 for a ten second shoot which loops automatically.
    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
    (for Print, Television & Internet media)

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    I understood what he was talking about I was just stating that I don't have that effect on hand...and example of it can be seen at . But thanks anyway for clearing that up incase I hadn't understood.

    Idan Arbel
    Arbel Designs.
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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    You're always welcome, Arbel! I checked out your site a few days ago.

    You have some nicely explained easy-2-understand tutorials there! These can be a nice learning curve for anyone who wishes to get started in Photoshop or Flash.
    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
    (for Print, Television & Internet media)

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    jemichael :

    I can do what you want, flash included.
    I can have your design ready in about 15 days (cause I have work in progress yet)
    If you are interested in spending about $500, contact me for more details.
    I can translate the site in Spanish & Portuguese too (fees apply) if you want.
    I can host your site too ... or sell you a cpanel reseller pack, contact me for more info.

    my works can be seen at :

    you'll soon see my website too

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    Sorry I have not written back in quite some time. We have found someone locally that does web design and he is going to design our template, unless we find another that is just better.

    What we are looking for now is a flash section for our site that is 700pixels by 100pixels. Want something nice, maybe section being the city skyline with clouds moving and shadows casting on buildings.

    Dalecom, I like what you put together, I understand that it is something you put together quickly and I like it but would it be clearer or more like a city skyline?

    Arbel, is 2advanced your site?

    I want to try to get this up, would anybody be willing to design this flash section for me for exchange for hosting? Whatever sounds fair?
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