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    Talking New Layout Of

    Check out the new layout..........plz tell me is there is anything wrong with it, etc. thanx.;)

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    The page cannot be displayed.

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    ****......sry about that. check again.

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    It is a bit cluttered, however I like the look of it. Try to cutdown on the vertical scrolling. Introduce a different navigation system, that will allow you to use your space far more efficently.

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    Scrolling text no good, too much of a distraction to the eye.

    Your link colors are the same as your content text colors, you may want to change that as it is hard to figure out where you have links on your page.

    You have a very VERY busy page, and there is little information on the site as to what you are trying to promote to the user and what you want them to get out of the site.

    I think you might want to take another look at your layout, right now there is no real flow to it, there should be some sort of order as to how you want the user to view your site, right now your site is very overwhelming. You have to huge log in areas, links all over the place and no real direction. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    yeah I agree with DjPaj here........the page is very probably need to replan it and make it much easier to follow........

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    thanx guys...i am on it.

    what about the colour combi, loading etc

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    too crammed I may add

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    The loading was alright for me... 10 seconds, but I've got 2 other windows opens and a pile of graphic programs and instant conversations! (my computer slows with all that junk open)

    Its too cramp yes.. but there also does seem to be alot of blank space if you know what I mean. The layout needs to kind of be reformed.

    I don't like the blue hover. Whats with that!?

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