Hello everyone,

I am here to ask for advices in web hosting business.

I have 6 linux servers with www.rackshack.net and I am doing web hosting for Brazil, I have aprox. 400 customers in these servers.

I am in canada and I really liked the "Fast XServe" model: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPL...,102

I want to buy this server (Fast model) and use it in a xDSL connection (1mbps download / 512kbps upload) in Canada.

Does the XServe comes with any control panel ? (Users).

Is it a good idea ? What is the pros and cons??

I was thinking yesterday about this package 01:

1GB Space
10GB monthly transfer
Unlimited POP Accounts
Unlimited Redirects
Unlimited Alias
SMTP (Send Mail System)
FrontPage 2000 Extensions
WebObjects deployment
QuickTime Streaming server
JavaServer Pages
Java Servlets
Webstats (Webalizer 2.01)

USD 9.75

what do you think guys ? Is it a good deal ?

How many domains the Xserve can handle?

Please guys give me advices as been as possible

Thank you,

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