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    What do you think of this?>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Hello everyone. I have a new unique template for sale. I believe most people will like it. Post your comments on what you think. Thanks.

    You will recieve the html and psd of this template.

    Bidding starts at $0.
    Let the games begin.

    The Bid Is Now At $30.00.
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    very nice work ..... it should sell easily

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    Looks good.. IMHO I think that graphic at the top is a little to big. Takes up a lot of room on the page.

    Besides that it should sell pretty quick.

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    A little anti-aliasing needed there..

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    I bid $0

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    since you used the words 'bidding' i suggest you mention a deadline to the auction and that the highest bidder will definitely get the template for the highest bid at the time of closing.

    hope that helps !!!!

    i could have started with $5 but i bid $20 to get the auction started!
    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
    (for Print, Television & Internet media)

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    oh, i forgot to mention that i would be buying this template to sell to our clients. so i hope that is not a problem. you would not have to do any html coding since we are designers ourselves. i just would like the properly layered .psd. guess that would save you a lot of time.

    also, there are a few anomalies in the design which, if i win, you can easily correct before you hand over the template. some have been already pointed out by others in this thread.

    do show us more of your work too. look forward to seeing them.
    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
    (for Print, Television & Internet media)

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    The bids now at $30.

    Don't worry when this one is bought I will pull something else out of my sleeve!

    Oh yes! The deadline well lets see. Basically I'd like to see this template go for about $150. So when it gets up there or higher basically thats the deadline. So anyone interested in buying it out.

    If theres a lot of people that want this template then basically I will let you guys bid until everyone is done.

    Ill say after a day if I like the price the templates at ($150 or more) that person automatically wins. Otherwise there is no date! Good Luck and let the games begin!
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