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    Thanks eddie and derek for responding to my last request for HELP NEEDED BADLY.
    I'm trying to find out to whom(government body) I can bring up the case so that a paid customer won't be taken for ride cos the company simply took out my domain from their hosting service using reason like posting my inquiries to their support dept(which is never mentioned in their website or any agreement).

    I also hope that by bring my case with to the public's attention, no other web-hosters will do the same to their customers, should they intend to. I felt that I've being victimised and would like to justify the situation.

    Because I'm in Malaysia, I sincerely hope that someone in the States will be able to show me what I can do to justify my case.


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    It is very unfortunate that this happened to you. If you're looking for someone to complain about this, I doubt that you will have any luck. If you read their hosting policy, they can terminate your account at their discretion.

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