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    Thumbs up Thumbs Up for Liquidweb!

    I see enough negative threads on this board, many with good reason, that I thought I'd balance things out a little by reporting a good experience I've had with a dedicated server provider.

    I am completely impressed with I lease a box from them and also got a cpanel install from them on a local box. They seem to really know their stuff when it comes to cpanel, and the prices on their dedicated servers can't be beat.

    so far, they've gone way beyond what i would expect for tech support, offering a lot of advice on getting my own servers running smoothly.

    I highly recommend these guys!

    Larry Dozier
    A1 Web Server

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    I believe that all the negitive posts on WHT about where for its hosting, not its dedicated servers!

    I also find a good host as it seems, but something tells me there really is something negitive about them

    Keep us updated on your server.

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    I have been with Liquidweb for a year and a half. When I first started they were good, there there were outages everyday for an hour or two. I was in finals at school and didnt have time to think about it. then it was fine and three weeks ago the server i was on was down for a day(really 30 hours). then it was up. my sites ip wasnt working so they moved me and now my subdomains didnt work. I have left and gone to VenturesOnline ( A friend of mine ( was at lw and he left after a month when his server crashed. So I wouldnt use them.


    email me if you need more help.

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    Yeah right, a NEWBIE (check his post count) comes in here and praises one of the most screwed up crooks alive: LiquidWeb ...

    @A1WebServer: Tell your boss I still want the money he stole off my credit card for the hosting account he did not care to cancel...

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