bbStatus is a FREE server monitoring system, ready for you to download today!

bbStatus v1.75 is avalible to download, and now gives a more graphical interface to the admin.
The new website, bbStatus, give you all the options you need to download the script and install it easily today.

bbStatus User Demo
bbStatus Admin Demo

bbStatus features are listed below:
Main Features:
- Enable and disable ports to be checked on the server.
- Built in Newsletter system (support HTML)
- Auto checking using a cron job (will email and failures to the email list)
- News System so you can notify clients of any problems
- Installer, for easy install of the system

v1.70 additions
- Delete servers listed
- Integrated with the license system
- Admin panel now with a graphical interface
- Easily Customisable

v1.72 Additions
- Link Manager

- Bug Fixes
- New website launched

To download bbStatus TOTALLY FREE, download from DWSITECH Scripts
If you chose to register you will get updates and developments of other scripts.

Visit bbStatus today, and get your site up and running using bbStatus!


The Adverts only appear on the demo above, not in the actual script!