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    do you offer domain registration?

    If your clients do not have a domain, do you offer domain registration? If so, are you a resller or affiliate? What are some of the better places to join?

    If not, who do you recommend for your clients to register with?

    As always, all comments are appreciated.

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    It is a good idea to offer domain registration, here is a recent thread with lots of suggestions.

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    check out opensrs... they have a pretty good plan for resellers.

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    Just to offer a counter-point, probably 50% of our domains are registered by hosting companies on behalf of their customers. There is certainly a percentage of hosting companies out there who don't want to deal with domain registration.

    I don't know how many of them sell the domain to their clients as part of their package for more than we would, but that's not particularly interesting to us.

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    We offer domain registration for our clients if they want us to register a domain from them. We, like the others above use OpenSRS and highly recommend them.

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    We offer domain registration... It makes sense, I mean, we're offing Web hosting, and what do you need to host? A domain!

    We go through Dotster. They have treated us well, so no complaints here.

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    I will be offering domain name registration through a reseller account at I think it's convenient for customers to be able to register a domain and buy hosting all in the same spot. PM me if you're interested in a sub-reseller account to get started.


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    I do the same, I can register domains, and I offer resellers a reseller domain account to use if they want to register domains for their clients.
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