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    The Advertising Market

    I'm curious about how the advertising market on the internet is doing. I know that everyone is trying to charge for banner space and the market is kind of flooded because most sites don't have the traffic needed for good advertising. (if all that makes sense)

    I'm curious about prices for a site with these specs:

    - 8,000-10,000 Uniques per day
    - average viewer age 16-28
    - content based (viewers spend time on each page reading, etc)

    I assume a website like this would be a good condidate to sell banner advertising on? I'm not really sure aobut the market so I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks. How much could a website with those specs make/charge on/for advertising?

    (I'm not at all saying I have a website with those specs, I'm just curious)

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    It's your friend's website, right?

    But seriously, what is the target audience? If the site is very targeted you could sell banner space at a premium. If it were the type of site where all types of people between 16-25 come then there would be a lower cpm. - Tech Bargains & Deals
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    no, there is no website. heh. I'm just interested in the advertising market. What makes a website a good candidate to sell ad space? And for how much could they sell it?

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    i saw a site with $.20 CPM.. hope that helps...

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    There's an ad market?

    Just kidding. I don't think very many people really make much out of ads nowdays - maybe enough to cover costs. A few of the really big sites probably still do ok from them though.

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    it's rather bad nowadays.. except maybe porn ads>)

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    Really? I figured if your site had all the right things ads would go fine. What makes 1 website a better candidate to seel banner space than another website? What do advertisers want?

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    Most of the time now a days its a direct site > advertiser combination. So such as WHT or SitePoint they don't use 3rd party ad companies (pay per click or pay per views). So you'll hardly make any money from a 3rd party ad company, your best bet is to build up a good site and aproach companies that fit your sites content. Like with SitePoint or WHT its software and hosting companies.
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    yeah that's what I thought. Private deals would be better than going to like doubleclick or whatever.

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    Casino/Porn advertising is VERY alive

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