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Thread: new webby

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    new webby

    what do you think of the intro and main page layout? thanks for any comments

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    Apr 2002
    I like it. Very nice!

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    thanks if anyone wants to reccomend any changes feel free to try our online chat feature

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    Nice design. Just I did not like those pictures on your main page ( Explorer address bar and the IRC Buncer pic ) very much. They are not bad but you have done very better job on your page header.

    You might use better pictures instead.


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    Nov 2001
    Overall the design is nice, but everything is a bit scattered.

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    thanks for your comments,, does anyone know any good cheap methods of website promotion?

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    Aug 2001
    first off, I would recommend getting rid of the splash page.......
    the site does look a little messy.....and the header was not displaying correctly in IE5 MAC......

    for ideas on website promotion read through the articles under promote at


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    its meant to be like that, if i copied the same design ideas from everyone else i would be called a sheep.

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    Derby UK


    I would consider getting rid of the counter at the bottom of the page.
    I clicked it and went to a page with your stats, which is ok. But that page had banners and adds for other hosting companies.
    Is that a good idea?

    Over all though i like the site and the splash page.

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    ta mate, believe it or not i was just lookint at your webby too lol, and im impressed, uk hosting company too

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    Jul 2002
    WOW! A good UK hosting company... at last!!!

    Take off the bravenet counter at the bottom. Thats very very amusing. and install your own script counter.

    Its a clean and slike layout. Very nice indeed.

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    to be honest i only put that on 2 days ago, i didnt think really, i just wanted to asess the traffic going to the website

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    I've got problems reading just the home page in IE6 - everything squished up and overlapping towards the bottom.
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