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    Question An all-too-often-asked question, but still...

    I was wondering if there was a domain name registrar that was cheaper than $15 US that had decent support and would allow me to change/add/delete nameservers through their control panel. I don't mind paying $12 US for the ability to change the nameservers/modify contact info/etc. myself with a half-decent tech support (under 12 hours) if I need help rather than pay $8 US for something that I don't have the proper control over (if any of you guys could show me a screenshot of what the control panel looked like for the domain registrar(s) you recommend, it'd really help too).

    A new client of mine saw a GoDaddy ad but I can't seem to get a conclusive answer from the forums on whether or not they're good and why they are/aren't good.

    Thanks a lot guys.
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    I would reccommend GODADDY, they have awesome support and cheap prices. Their online control panel is very feature intensive.

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