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    First Time Dedicated - HELP!!!

    Dear citizens of dedicated servers...

    I'm new at this world, and if that is not problem can you give me some major advices about:

    Which software
    Which Machine
    What to look
    Which company to use

    I need something like:

    512 mb ram
    50 gb HD
    1 Ghz
    400 Gb bandwith

    Server will be used for web hosting (reselling space) and for hosting 3-4 my sites (I will need only for those sites around 100 gb bandwith).

    Please give me some major advices, about apache, linux...what should I look for and ofcourse tell me what you recommend!

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    First time newbie???

    Give Cobalt RaQ550 a try...
    Easy admin, no in-depth linux skills required, very good support, cobalt reseases frequently patches (security, updates,.) , idiot-proof control panel included,...

    1.26GHZ, up to 2GB RAM, up to 2x 80GB RAID0 or 1,...

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    I think you should go with Cobalt Raq. If you don't want one, go to because it's semi-managed and they could help you out.

    If you know absolutely nothing, has excellent support and they'll help you with anything you need.

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    Remember that in a Web server RAM and drive speed are far more important than processor speed. If you're weighing your options and can afford to get a 1.6 ghz machine with 256 MB of RAM or a 1 ghz machine with 512 MB of RAM, go with the second option.

    Trust me on this one. I've got older sub-1 ghz machines that a human can't distinguish from a 1.6 ghz machine because both are loaded with RAM.
    I thank my Lord for all His wonderful blessings.

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    The main problem is which company to choose, I had server onr ackshack, I don't like them...

    I will probably take server on

    If you have any more suggestions feel free to express them here

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