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    9 hosting templates for sale !! $25 each !! get one now !!


    I've changed the prices of each template to only $25.
    First come first serve.
    Each design will only be sold once.
    You may resell them afterwards

    All the other information if provided there.

    If you have any questions or offers, feel free to email me or just post it here.

    Please post any comments etc...


    And please no comments about the URL !!
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    Didn't someone already dance this dance?


    They sure did:

    So what's the deal? Did you buy all of his templates? Even your first post is identical to his.


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    Nice Templates.. nice url..
    Quality Hosting Template For Sale! -

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    i'm the same person...... i just started my new website with my partner and i wanted this next post to be with our company name

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    another template added.....check it out !! Template
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    i've changed the prices around a bit, so check that out !!

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    all templates priced down to only $25.

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    * give me your templates

    Dude i'll take all your templates for 50 bucks. looks like you have not sold any.

    advice: make your site more professional and you will get results. your site as it stands now look like ?#@?!.

    my .02 cents
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