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    advice on new host

    I've posted a note in the hosting requested forum, but I wanted to get some user's takes on the providers out there.

    My site is and right now I'm using ultimatebb for my forum since my current host doesn't have mysql or php4 support. I'm looking to move to another host with php/sql so that I can move to something like phpbb and use less server resources with the script.

    I'm currently using 300-400mb of disk right now, that will probably decrease once I move from flat files to a db.

    I am using 3-4gb of traffic/month.

    I've looked at powweb, myacen, terra-byte online but am open to other hosts as well.

    This site is a hobby for me, but I want to make sure that it stays up because I really enjoy providing the community and want to find ways to expand it.

    Any suggestions?


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    I think Myacen is good and has a very good reputation.

    But, be careful to stay away from powweb...

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