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    Appreciate some help with the following

    I've just setup an account with to use sql server 2000

    using the login name and password they have given me I can connect to the sql server database from enterprise manager but once there I can't do zip, all the commands normally available in enterprise manager to create tables etc just ain't there anymore, I also tried to copy some tables to the database but wasn't allowed to create any new tables so was rejected and when I tried to create a table from query analyser the same happened.

    The weird thing is that just before webexpose went wrong I tried the same with them using sql 7 and had exactly the same experience, since then I've totally rebuilt my machines but am now getting the same problem with sql server 2000. The real pain is that it works fine at home on my test server/client

    Has anyone got any ideas please



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    Problem now fixed - looks like it might have been a local server issue

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    SQL server trouble

    I would make sure they have added yo as a dbo or owner for the database you purchased on their server. Check if they are using SQL auth or NT auth as that should mesh with how you are registering their server in your enterprise manager.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the reply

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    SQL Installation Help

    We are trying to setup a SQL Server Evaluation on our Dedicated Server. Can anyone help us insall it?? We are new to SQL 2000 and need some help in getting it to run; we will gladly pay any installation/technical fees. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to help us do this job.

    We just one to do this Evaluation version for now to see if we like it or not; if we do like it; we will have to purchase the full version; thanks.
    Carlos - Sales Manager
    Centrix Web Hosting, LLC

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    Actually Sql server installation is pretty straightforward.

    Nothing Much to do ,
    Drop me a line if you need help or get stuck somewhere,

    Manish Kapadia

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