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    Has anyone ever registered a domain with this company
    i just registered a it takes 24 hours just to register the domain name ,then they tell you they don`t do named server changes
    what is the point of a domain name if you can`t point it to your server
    now i will have to wait 60 days to transfer the name away from them to (who have always been excellent)
    i went with one&one to take advantage of a domain which is also usless to me
    i have never been this pissed off at a company before ,they are a joke and should not say they are domain registrars ,they are forcing you into using their hosting services.

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    Sorry to about your dilemma Easily. I was also going to suggest 123 Reg, but you have done this already. I was looking at them regarding domain registration, but Ill think twice now.

    Thanks for the info.

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    I surpriced to here that. I always thought OneandOne offered a nice comfortable mind when it came to domains and hosting. Is this the first bad post on them, or have I not been around here long enough?

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    well i should imagine their service is excellent if you are hosting with them
    i bought the name yesterday it was only registered today ,why a 24 hour delay? the name could have been taken by someone else in that time ,and in their email they claim it can take 5 days to register your domain?
    i am not doubting their quality of service but they really shouldn`t be advertising as accredited domain registrars when it can take 5 day to register it and you can`t control the named servers
    i bought a domain a few hours ago at namecheap ,it`s registered and my named servers are updated ,i don`t see the reason behind 1&1`s 1-5 day delay and no control over your own domain

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    Just received this from 1&1

    Dear Mike,
    > Thank you very much for your mail dated Jul 11, 2002
    > I do apologise for any inconveniance caused however it will not be
    > possible to change the nameservers, if you wish to do so then you must
    > first cancel the package and change to a new registrar, if you wish to
    > redirect the domain to a new destination then you can do so following
    > the instructions given below, thanks.

    Are they joking ! what kind of domain registrars are they ?

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    I have heard that the paid hosting has ads!?

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    Well it seems like a bad one.

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    If you buy a domain with them you need to host with them or use re direct. There a very good company and very reliable. there support is great. Changing nameservers is a bugger lol

    As for ad's they used to offer a lower price if you allowed them to place a banner at the top. Or you can use the normal plans and have no banners.

    if you want a cheap registrar then i recomend there cheap and you can change the nameservers

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    Very strange to see a host :

    - First of all it's paid and still ads are rotating.
    - Do not allow you to change the nameservers, unless you move to another registrar

    NOTE: You cannot move to another registrar, unless 60 DAYS has passed with your past domain registrar.

    That's the reason guys !! I was telling you all and mentioned in couple of other threads that register your domain with an actual registrar. Much better if the registrar has been accredited by ICANN. Such as Enom, Inc.

    Hope you will find a solutions or your current host provider would be enough kind to help you sort out your problem.

    Have a nice day!
    Amir Golestan
    Executive Director | Micfo
    delivering the divine hosting experience™ | AS53889

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