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    WHT Upgrades and Stats

    WHT is now running on two dual 1 GHZ processor machines with 2 GB Ram and each with 2 36 GB SCSI drives on a hardware Raid 1.

    Load averages are under .1 on each at the peak usage times.

    We are just now starting to track bandwidth and will post that information as it is available.

    Since April 1, we have added roughly 4000 registered users and now peaks at abround 280 simultaneous users.

    Great new things will be happening soon at WHT including a hosting directory as well as live chat. You will also see some new forum topics. The additional forum topics will be added starting this week or next. We're still deciding on how to implement the live chat.

    You'll also begin to see some new partnerships that should add even more new members to our community.

    Thanks to everyone who is helping to build WHT into the premier webhosting property on the Internet.


    PS. Kudos to Patrick on the hardware and maintenance side. He's doing a great job.
    Robert Marsh
    Head Surfer

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    Its running quite fast

    Good Job Rob

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