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    * networksolutions bulk whois

    any ideas how many times you can do whois (on 43 port) before you get your IP blacklisted by server?


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    Not too many

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    This is one of the great mysteries of life I'm afraid.

    We have been blocked with no more than 100 queries in a week, and we've continued to have access with more than 1000 queries in a day.

    I've not been able to get any answers from them regarding their policy here, but it appears they care more about frequency within a short period of time than they do total hits.

    They will block you ASAP if they think you are running an automated bot against their whois server. You may not be able to get unblocked either, so if you do this from an IP address that you also run a manual whois server from, be prepared to lose all access to their database.

    We had someone using our whois script from a bot in an attempt to circumvent being blocked themselves. We were blocked, we discovered who it was and passed this on to NetSol. They blocked the IP of the offender and it took three weeks to unblock us...

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    well, it looks like they are unblocking the IP after 24 hours or so... if it was not that excessive...

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    If you're hitting it a few times per second vs. ever few seconds then it probably will make a real difference. There are whois servers however that support I guess what you would call as "recursive" or repetitive queries. I suspect Netsol changed some of it's procedures recently about detecting abuse when the system was down for that 12 hr period a while back.

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    Remember in the new distributed whois model, for domains registered at NetSol, you ultimately have to ask NetSol for the detail. They are the only source.

    If you use a recursive whois, all it does is start at in order to find out which whois server to query for the detail, then make the query for you. Tada, "recursion."

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