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    Shoutcast, need your opinion

    I got an email from a potential client. He said that he would like to run a shoutcast service as a background process.

    He said that he need 5-10 gigs bw per month.

    They have estimated that about 80-100 listeners will connect for a total of 2 hours for 2 nights a month. And it's OK if I charge him an additional fee for the background process as well as the bw usage.

    My question is: does a shoutcast services take alot of CPU resources?

    Since my box only have 512MB RAM, I do not want to make additional 20-30 bucks while on the other hand my server will down because of this background process..


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    At times shoutcast can be load intensive but on a box with not a lot of users this shouldnt be an issue. It all depends on the number of listeners/connections and the bandwidth its kicking out. A box of todays standards should have no issues with this but to be on the safe side I would monitor it. Good luck and have fun... streaming rocks!
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