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    Two logos needed for hardware/price comparison site

    I have just gotten a new design for my site,, and am overall happy with it. But the logo isn't really up there with the rest of it. So - a new logo for is what I'm interested in. With logo I mean the part where it says: Hardware News Reviews and Articles. The panel where the logo sits should stay! The "Hardware News Reviews and Articles" part can be lost without me complaining ...

    Also - today I aquired the domain - and need a logo for that too. I currently have my price comparison engine at - but will move the whole thing to As we list prices from retailers in many countries, I'm thinking of a slogan along the lines of "Planet Prices - the place to find the lowest prices on the planet!"

    My budget is limited as the only income is from advertising, which I think most of you know isn't exactly like it used to be. But - I don't expect to get two logos for $10 - so post your logos and your prices and I will seriously consider it.

    Brief details:
    - a site focusing on hardware reviews, articles, games and news
    - (coming): price comparison engine of computer hardware from retailers worldwide (currently: the US, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia, The Netherlands, Canada and Germany).

    Post, PM or email your logos.


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    Whoa.. That's a cool hardware site mate.

    Greetings from


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    you got a cool site there!
    do u have an instant messenger that i could contact you on to discuss the logo in more detail?

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    Hi Martin,

    Please visit our examples at

    We are currently running a logo special at

    Good luck on your search!
    Marc A. Paul
    Executive Web Producer
    GFX:USA - Affordable Customized Logo Design

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    Marc, I checked out your site and that is some nice work. And the special you are running right now makes it very interesting. I hope to get a few more interested people here, but you are high on the list (on top right now ).

    As for my site being cool - heck, yeah ...

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    I have to say, I couldnt really get any ideas that would look good and fit in that area.... I'm assuming you have the original file so you can take the background out, to fit new ones it will look better then how I have it.... But if you happen to like it, I can give it to you along with original .psd file for 10$

    I will be thinking of more designs, and if I come up with something better Ill be sure to post it.


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    Thanks for your input. Not bad, not bad... I need something a little more special, though. I will try and find some designs I like and post them...

    BTW, I am thinking of using the logo area (panel thingy!) for the site as that is somewhat larger and looks better IMO. Otherwise the logo gets too crammed...

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    here's my try... its a kinda hard name to use when making a logo...
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