Wonder if anyone can asist with this, got a weird problem with a client who uses IE 5.1 on a MAC machine.

Server is running cpanel.

When he types in the url: http://domain.com the site doesn't resolve, gets this error:- can't open g-zip/compressed

When he types in this url all is good and the page loads:- http://domain.com/index.html

I have removed all the .htaccess files, just in case they were causing the problem, the mime types are config'd in apache .html etc The site loads fine on other pc's

Funny thing is, IE 5.1 etc running on PC is fine, as is running other browsers, netscape, IE 5.5 etc on his mac. He has 2 mac machines running IE 5.1 and both have the same problem, the site won't load unless he specifically types the file name after the url....

Anyone any ideas?