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    Can you do this in photoshop?

    I know that you can do it in illustrator and stuff, by tracing etc. but is there any other way to get this effect? Thanks!!

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    I wouldn't choose Photoshop to do the actual design of the car from scratch, but if you're talking about getting that rounded square panel effect, sure, Photoshop will do just fine.

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    Oh forgot to point out, how he did the digitally painted, I know he did it in illustrator, took pen tool and traced, but is there any other way to do this?

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    I presume you mean the line drawing of the BMW? You could do it in photoshop, but I think you'd be a madman to try. Illustrator is the program that's designed for this sort of imagery. When everything is stripped away, photoshop really is just a fancy program to play with photos and some text after all

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