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    * Looking for a host

    Free hosting

    Pls, help us..

    I am in need of free hosting, I am not able to pay anything but i will add your banner on the bottom saying that we are hosted by: _______________.

    The site is a non-profit site about medicine. It has medical news, advices etc. inside.

    Below is what I will need:

    50 MB webspace
    2-3 GB bandwidth
    2 FTP account
    5 Sub-Domains
    CGI support
    Optional E-mail functionality

    Thank you!

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    What happend to the free hosting you got last month? And the 5 Gigs of space adn 30 Gigs of transfer you were getting for $10 a month? IS this for the same site as those were or a new venture?

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    Hi Monte...
    site , about what i wrote here last month(ask one of my clients) ( 5gigd/30gig for ) now hosted at ... $$

    now i wrote about another site (medical)...
    i think if you have such a good memory, you will understand the difference between 5 GIGs, and 50 MB... :-)))

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    What site do you want hosted now? URL?

    What are the specific traffic stats for it?
    Best Regards,
    Dustin Oder
    "Growing With Tomorrow's Technology"

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    Hello Dustin

    Now we are searching hosting company for (Armenia Medical Network). We didn't calculate our bandwidth, but daily we have 150-300 uniqal visitors. it's a non profit site about medicine, without any kind of ads

    2 Tazd9t9

    Please check your email-box.


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