I'm currently working on project ALTCO. This project is to offer personal hosting (non resource draining sites) at the cheapest price possible. The reason this pre-offer is for paypal users is because our current merchant charges too much for transactions if we were to offer it at such pricing.

How billing will be done:
We will create accounts and bill them via paypal, we have a programmer available to code a script to send invoices (payment requests) via paypal and a accounts recievable clerk will mark off the accounts just for this project.

The pricing:
This limited offer will only be for initial interested paypal users, approx 66.66% off from the original price as planned. Please note that the servers will be connected via medium grade connectivity. There are no contract or term commitments to the service as you can cancel anytime. We simply need users to test the quality of networks like Nocster. Availability will depend on the number of servers needed. This is for sites that do not need SSH access, and for users that do not really need a dedicated IP.

$5.00 a month, you get
300 MB of Storage
10 GB of Bandwidth
CPanel Management Panel
and more...

If interested in this offer, please send a ICQ message to 163430822 or drop me a email with the email function of this board and I get back to you on the availability. We only have 1 server as of current date, we will order more servers if more users from this board is interested please contact me asap.

How support is handled:
Since this is the beginning phrase of our project, support can not be offered 24/7 hence we do not have the staff to provide support services. Customer support will be offered via, email, helpdesk, user forum. Phone services will be offered once we get into our midphrase (as planned of 3rd QTR of 2003). Support will be given on average of 30 min to 2 hour response periods during 8AM-11:30PM EST time. Emergency contact to a service tech (for network problems) will be available 24 hours a day.

Best Regards,
George L.
MKT Assistant
J&D Associates Inc