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    Post Windows 2000 server w/ software!

    I have a server with and am very happy with it. But I decided to 'sell' it ( financial reason). So if you want to take it over...keep reading
    The server comes with the following software/features:

    -Custom Error Pages
    -Full CGI- Bin (ActivePerl)
    -unlimited Sub-Domains
    -Custom MIME Types
    -Data Source Names (DSN)
    -Personal Nameservers
    -smtp mail server for every client
    -Catch-all E- mail
    -Personal SMTP Server
    -unlimited POP3 Accounts
    -Mailing Lists
    -Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions support
    -Raw Access Logs
    -(Real-time) Usage Stats
    -(Real-time) Bandwidth Monitor
    -Referrer Logs
    -C, C++
    - ColdFusion 5 Server Professional ( you don't have to buy the license! save ~$800 )
    -Perl/CGI (ActivePerl)
    -PHP 4.2
    -DSN-less Connections
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 ( you don't have to buy the license! save ~$800 )
    - Microsoft Access/Word/Excel ( you don't have to buy the license! save ~$400 )
    - Win 2000 server is also (obviously) installed ( you don't have to buy the license! save ~$999 ) Click here for price.

    Hardware specs:
    PIII 1GHz
    100GB EIDE drive
    512MB Ram

    server comes with 300GB multihomed bandwidth, 'unlimited' IP's (just need to call or email port80comm and ask them to add IP's) and 2hrs of tech support every month.
    Again, if you need a win 2000 server with coldfusion 5, MS access/word/excel and MS SQL server 2000 then this is a perfect opportunity for you since you don't have to invest and buy all the software.
    Go here for comparable servers and prices.

    private message me or post your offer here if you are interested in this server

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    my ping to the server is very good. what is the setup fee/monthly cost?

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    yeah pings are great!
    the server costs you $350/month
    this is a very good price for a windows 2000 server with 300GB multihomed bandwidth

    I'd like to get some money (set up fee) to cover (some of) my cost for the upgrades.
    Anybody who is interested PM me. Again if you need all the software but don't have the money to buy it, then this is the perfect deal for you!
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    what's the additional charges if I need to up the bandwidth to 700 GB / month?

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