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    Talking Site Review: Hosting Biz for Artist


    I am planning to launch in August 2002. This site will be target at individual artist and small business owners, especially art galleries and co-ops. I have tried to keep the technical jargon to a minimum because my target audience is not expected to be very technical.

    1. Is it easy to use?
    2. Would you want to host with me? (If you were an artist looking for a website.)
    3. Did the site ~invite~ you to click through and read the information?
    4. Do you think the support options are adequate?
    5. Are the prices OK?
    6. Do you have suggestions for improving the site?

    Thanks for taking the time to review

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    hi there...

    1) Yes I didnt really have any probs there
    2) I have hosting, so no.....
    3) interesting theme, so I did have an interest to click through..
    4) The support options looked good
    5) Plan prices could be dropped a couple bucks.....but then again it depends who you are marketing to. Most people on WHT will think your prices are excessive, while small business owners would probably not have a problem at all.....
    6) yes ->

    I like the theme of the site, it is original and it does give the feeling of being a trustworthy setup.......
    however, there was something about the layout that needs fixing. I am not sure exactly what it is......possibly you need a better seperation between the content, and also maintain layout consistency from page to page........

    anyway, good luck with it

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    Thanks 21inchguns,

    5) I'm working on the lower price schedules now. I'm thinking of
    $5.95/Month $59.95/Year which really puts the lower plan in line with a starving artist's budget.

    6) The two column layout isn't consistent. It's causing content to jump around. I'll need to fix that.

    I really appreciate your feedback,
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    1. Yes, it was easy to use.
    2. I'd consider you for hosting if I fit into the category you described, yes.
    3. The site was easy enough to click thru and yes, I was curious enough to keep looking.
    4. Support options are great.
    5. Prices are a little high for starving artists, but good for starving web hosts! The plans you mention (above) seem more in line with the audience you're after.
    6. No real suggestions for improvement. Your site seems well designed. I like the color scheme and the design is attractive. Overall, good work!

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    Looks great. Like it was said. Try moving around the content into different ways.

    Keep up the good work


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    The Dali generator is great.. though I've always been more of a Magritte fan
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    my thoughts

    - at the top, the word DaDaHosting.Com isn't thick (stroke thickness) enough to be recognized easily.
    - maybe separate the two columns more (30+px apart??)
    - some photos? art pictures?
    - paragraph align left instead of justified

    other stuff
    - looks good, a welcoming environment. the background color gives it an artsy feel.

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    1. Yes, it is!
    2. Prices are a bit high, but if they were lowered, and i was in the category i would consider.
    3. Yes it did.
    4. Of course.
    5. They could be lowered!
    a) Your forums are experiencing incompatiblities (cant edit posts bug, members online not working properly, URLs not being parsed properly) with PHP 4.21.. check the XMB site for fixes.
    b) I don't know if you are providing Cpanel with your plans, but if you were, the forum installation service would kind of be useless, because CPanel comes with a one-click XMB installer.

    Hope the feedback helps!

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