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    Just finished redoing do you folks think of the new design?

    Hi all,

    I just finished redoing , I'm quite pleased with the final product. I'm curious as to what you others think of it.

    Also, I'd like to tell anyone out there interested in web hosting or dealing with HitSpot, that they were really an absolute pleasure to work with, professional and courteous throughout the entire design process. So if you're looking for an honest and pleasant hosting company I'd certainly recommend HitSpot.

    Thanks and any comments are much appreciated, if you are in the market for a site yourself and really like what you see above please e-mail me: [email protected] or PM me and we can discuss pricing and whatnot.

    Thanks and let's hear those reviews!

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    it is very nice visually...

    although the only things I disliked were:
    1) I could barely see the left nav.....This should be much more visible and prominent
    2) the moving 1's and 0's at the top got a bit annoying
    3) all that stuff that goes on during the mouseover also got somewhat annoying
    4) on my browser(IE5 Mac), the domain box was floating partly over the history to commitment text.......

    Other than that a very nicely designed site..


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    Hi 21ig,

    It's a very beautiful site. The layout and graphics are very now and trendy.

    -Plans are right up front
    -"30-Day Money Back Guarantee" is great
    -Customer quotes are nice
    -Support docs are nice if somewhat thin, maybe link to more detailed documentation.
    -Live Support is cool

    -Left nav is hard to see
    -Main nav bar is awsome. I spent a good 20 seconds just rolling over the items to hear the sound and see the effects. Maybe add some more info to the effects while you have my attention.
    -Linux hosting chart is a little hard to read. Maybe find a better way to hilight the differences.
    -Contact page does not include a physical address. To me this implies a fly by night operation. May be combine billing and contact?

    Final verdict -- It looks great, but I don't feel the warm fuzzies. Maybe more customer feedback would do the trick.


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    Pretty nice website, although I agree with the above postings, the left navigation is pretty hard to make out, I would suggest making it a more solid color.

    Other from the navigation menu, I can not say much else is wrong with the design, thinks are neatly laid out and upfront.


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    Site looks very nice.

    Only problems I found were with the left nav bar (visibility) and the time it takes the page to load.

    Other than that, looks great
    Chris Miller
    Custom Imprinted Promotional Products 1-800-750-8530 x221

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    These are not the 'droids we're looking for. Move along.

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    the site design looks great. i love the colors, which are easy on the eyes and it is very creative.

    many others have made some comments that i agree with and should be addressed. since you said that you are pleased with it, just make adjustments on your spare time or done do it at all. besides, it is your site.

    i really don't think it is necessary to have that animation at top. like someone, it is a bit annoying. especially the roll over function. the roll over is fine, but the animated header. the navigation is also pretty hard on the eyes as well.

    i like the use of white space as well as the duo tone effect.

    overall it looks great. if you don't want to make any changes, that's not a problem.

    good job.

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    Good site but some notes.

    1. Agree about left nav bar.
    2. Add meta tags to your site.

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    I just want to thank Andrei (of for the great design he has done with our site. He was extremely easy to work with, professional and a natural artist. Our site far surpassed our wildest expectations, and fit nicely with the image and layout that we hoped for. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

    David Kiley
    Old man of the hosting world..

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    The overall design is very good, but some minor adjustments need to be made.

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    Uhhh... that's helpful, dave. Want to let us in on what these changes are?

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