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    MANAGED - 866P3, 256DDR-Ram, Two 40GB HD's with RAID, 50GB BW, Free IP's - $199/mo

    866MHZ Pentium III Processor
    256MB ECC Registered Ram / Dual Lan
    Two 40GB Hard Drives with RAID
    50GB Data Transfer (fully burstable. Quality Level3 bandwidth with multiple backup providers)
    3 Month Contract Required
    Latest Security Patches and updates
    Monthly: $199
    Set-Up: $99 (Limited time offer with this ad only. Must mention WHT in the order)

    Services included when purchasing a managed server

    Monitoring services
    With BurstBand monitoring services, we will watch your system day and night to be sure it is kept stable and online.

    Security Services
    As business relies more and more on internet services, the security of your site and data are of increasing importance. With a managed server from BurstBand, we continuously monitor file system integrity and network security, and respond within minutes of any suspicous activity. Moreover, we carefully monitor pertinent security information sources and apply vendor security patches as they are announced.

    Backup Services
    BurstBand provides two levels of optional backup & restore services. Our local backup service is an economical way to maintain nightly backups of your site data on the local hard drive. With offsite backups, your data is backed up nightly to a different server and off the physical premises, providing enhanced protection of your data.

    Software services
    BurstBand will install, upgrade, and support the following software on all managed servers:
    Apache (web server)
    MySQL (database)
    PHP (server side scripting, database connectivity)
    Webalizer (site stats)
    OpenSSH (secure shell acces

    Upon confirming your order for a BurstBand managed server, you will be assigned a personal Customer Advocate. We also provide you with a 24/7 phone number and e-mail address so you can contact us in the event of any urgent need.

    IP to test
    Speed test

    Order at
    Learn More at
    Sean Bailey

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    500K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 3% @ 3.26 MB/s

    2250K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 3% @ 48.83 MB/s

    2850K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 4% @ 48.83 MB/s

    Wow. Definitely worth consideration...

    You've got my attention Sean

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    Sean b..
    Burstaband ...

    Are you from ???

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    Thanks Binaris. We are very proud of our connectivity and network operations center. If anyone lives here in SLC, UT. I will be happy to give a tour of it.

    Webideas, BurstBand has no affiliation whatsoever with Burst.Net, besided the word 'burst' in the name.

    If there are anymore questions or comments, feel free to ask. Im glad to answer them
    Sean Bailey

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    I'm gonna be living out there later this year so I may have to take you up on that

    Also, what version of redhat comes w/ these boxes and how much for more RAM?
    i beat the internet. the end guy is hard

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    Great. Once you move up here, deffianently contact us, we'll be happy to give you a tour.

    A 512MB RAM Upgrade would be $20/month a 128MB would be $10. If the customer would not like to pay monthly, if they assume they will be with us for a while. They can choose to pay a one time fee for the entire amount of ram. To completely purchase 256MB of ram, would be $100.

    Also, you can choose, we can install redhat 6.2 or 7.3 for you on there.

    Hope that answered your question clearly
    Sean Bailey

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    whats the deal with the site? / still in business?

    getting a 'server cannot be found' also i can't seem to get anybody on the phone?


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    I had a temporary lapse of reason. i got ahold of the good folks at burtband shortly after i posted this thread.

    It seems the website was just down temporarily and everything is cruisng along.

    Let me say that burstband has always been there for our fledgling hosting company and provides a solid service at GREAT prices. If your looking to host - these guys have great boxes and fat pipes!

    sorry brad & co - you guys do rock!

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