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    Question Look for a host........

    I need:

    Every Month Between 1-7 dollars

    Need to be able to pay with cash or money order. NOT Credit or E-Check, Pay-Pal ect.

    I would like to have at least 200 megs of space would be nice.

    I want to have ASP capabilities.

    If anyone can help me, Thanx in Advance! =)

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    Hi there --

    No-one can advertise on this board. You'll probably find several hosts willing to take your money order in the web hosting requests forum.

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    I not looking for advestisments, just suggestions. I've looked at mnay hosts and only one took money orders, I did not like the plan for that host.

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    I would like to have a Porsche GT3!

    With unlimited fuel and ABS!

    I am willing to pay 1-7 dollars a month!

    Thank you
    P.S RED will do!
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