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    Billing Templates / Sample Letters

    Hi Folks,

    I did a search on the site for sample billing letters, but didn't come up with anything. I could really use some firm but nice wording for my various "problem" billings, and I'm sure it could be a good resource for others. Here are a couple topics I need if anyone is inclined to share how they deal with these situations:

    • Credit card declined
    • Credit card expired
    • Payment overdue (for checks/PayPal, etc.)
    • Account suspended (for those who didn't pay by the overdue date)

    I'm hoping for feedback on not only the wording, but also what people typically require in these situations. How long do you give them on the first notice? How long do you give them when you suspend them? Do you even notify them when you suspend them or do you just assume that they'll notice if they care at all? Also, does anyone add a charge or late fee?

    I am getting shocked and annoyed by the sheer number of people who let their credit cards go over the limit, or cancel them without notifying us, and all kinds of things. It takes up my time and effort, and it also costs us money (transaction fees on the declined payments).

    If anyone is requesting a sample letter on another topic, feel free to add it here, and hopefully someone will help.

    Thanks all!

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    Here's a couple of sample letters, just to get you started.


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