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Thread: sell domains

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    sell domains

    how can i sell a domain?
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    Advertise your domain saling on the Related Offers and Requests forum

    Visit other forums that introduce the allowance of selling and buying.

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    im not selling it here, i want know "how to sell it"
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    Advertise it

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    1. Make a one-page site for your domain.
    2. Find a buyer. Advertise your domain through or here. Or send emails/do cold calls to companies which could like your domain.
    3. Use a service like for payments.

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    thank you for the info water
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    Timechange above can help you with it also; he/she specializes in it.
    You should have received an email, letter or a pm from me by now if you were a client of InfoDoma or related to it. If not, let me know via pm.Thanks.

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