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    Wink Preimum Domain With Full Website Is For Sale

    Hello everyone,
    the website is for sale including domain. Make your offer for this website. I will go with the best offer.

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    $15 by paypal

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    $15 for domain right ?

    but i m not selling domain only. I m selling website as well , i will give you domain for $15 but website prize is up to $300 .

    Its not 1 page website . It has more then 16230 fully optimized pages. And have great popularity and traffic.

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    razashah, if you have a minimum price in mind that you'll accept, why not post that? It will save you from having to reply to all the folks that will bid too low for you to accept.
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    I'll bod $100...what is current bid?
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    Hi...Interested in the site, could you please PM any stats and revenue detailsv you have...When does this end..

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