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    Is there a way to verify https SSL connection at hosting company?

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there was some way to check that an HTTPS/SSL connection is working properly through my hosting company?

    Does anyone know of any utility or method that will allow me to verify that such a connection is indeed encrypting the communication between my browser and my web site?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    If the lock icon in your browser is being displayed, the transaction is encrypted.

    Your browser vendor already wrote this code and checks for you.

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    I've noticed in Internet Explorer 6 in Windows XP that very occassionally (usually with the same sites) that the icon isn't displayed... even though it is DEFINATELY 128bit encrypted through https:// with no warnings (except for the IE one telling you that you are entering a secure connection).

    Why do you think that is?

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    The lock is not 100% accurate. You could have an SSL connection but the lock will not be displayed if the HTTPS:// page is inside a frame. Quite common.
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    For full information, either double-click the padlock or File>Properties (or right-click>Properties) and follow the links to view the certificate. If there are any errors with the certificate that weren't apparent in a pop-up window when you view the site (which should always happen, then they will be highlighted in the certificate description in your browser.

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    I have found that the most accurate way is to do a lookup-->what's this site running-->SSL cert check at netcraft. Lot's of times it will show you that a 128 bit cert is only capable of 40-bit encryption.



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