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    Is there a REAL host who answers support emails? REWARD


    Sorry to be complaining but I have gone through so many hosts that I am at a loss as to what to do. I do have a complicated setup (sort of) and cannot even get set up or changes made within three-four days. One host had a server issue and coudl not set up my new account for 6 days. Another I needed new pointers, and db setup and it has been four days without an answer. I mean.. I am paying $44.95 on the one I am waiting four days for just an ANSWER..not the setup. The other is 24.95. I am going to quit them both.

    The reason for $$$ per month is SQL 2000 db, disk space and certain components. Is there a host out there willing to take my business? I need support tickets to be responded to in less than 4 days! Here are my needs. Please..if anyone has a suggestion who to host with...please let me know.

    one account
    MS SQL 2000

    20 domain names pointed to one subfolder.
    20 other domain names pointed to another subfolder.
    20 other domain names pointed to another subfolder.
    20 other domain names pointed to another subfolder.

    Basically i have 4 types of sites: homes, cars, boats, and bikes. For each type, I own like 5-20 domain names. I need each of the 5-20 to point to a specific folder on the account such as homes, bikes, etc. So when they type in it knows to go to the subfolder called homes and pull that index.asp page. Also need email for one domain and the rest to forward to that domain...

    Anyone interested or know where to send me?


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    Without trying to cause an operating system war, my suggestion is to convert your technology to a Unix web host.

    Instead of needing Sequel server, and ASP, try something like PHP or Perl and MySQL.

    I think you'll notice a trend where unix hosts are more knowledgeable and give better support, than a web host who runs a Win2K or WinNT server and points and clicks their configuration all the time.

    Sometimes on a Microsoft Windows server, finding all the proper check marks to click in the configuration can be quite a hassle. Since you have a specialized setup requirement, you're probably puzzling all the regular Microsoft server hosts.

    Anyone that knows a bit of unix will understand my point. Anyone that is only Win2K or WinNT will hate this comment.

    It's just my personal opinion. If you take my advice and it works, then great! If not, at least I had a chance to share it with you.

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    There are lots of reputable, knowledgeable and professional Windows hosts out there who give excellent service.

    (There's no need at all to move to a Linux solution, which would of course involve totally rewriting your sites! Contrary to what Mr rtsit says there's no problem in implementing your needs in Windows -- we work with Windows and Linux so I'm not being biased here.)

    If you re-post this in the Hosting Requests section then hosts will be able to respond to you with offers (they can't make offers to posts in this area cause of the rules).
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    I agree with TDMWeb. There are knowledgeable and professional Windows hosts out there. The trick is finding them amongst the unprofessional Windows hosts.
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    Thank you for the replies. I am now going to post in the Hosting Requests forum as you suggested.

    Thank you !


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