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    Question Authoritative list of free, adless hosts:

    This forum seems like a great place with a lot of usage. I think it could use three more boards that compile all the information here and allow users to have quick-reference in selecting a host:

    1. a list of the major, unbiased host-review sites;

    2. a list of user/moderator-rated reputable hosts;

    3. a list of free, adless hosts.

    Until these boards are added this post attempts to deal with #3:

    If you know a free host without advertising (pop-up or banners) please list it below. If you know the catch please mention it.

    Feel free to list sites that offer free hosting with the purchase of a domain name, but make sure to note it.

    The ones I know of: (totally ad free)
    30 MB; 500 MB/Month of Data Transfer
    ASP.NET / .NET Framework v1, Mobile Internet Toolkit v1
    ASP 3.0 Support (Includes ADO, FileSystemObject)
    Drawbacks: no FTP, only 1-at-a-time browser-based upload. (totally ad free)
    20mb; unknown transfer limit
    webDAV file management
    Drawbacks: only for mac, no advanced features (domain required) Web Hosting
    20MB Web Storage
    Unlimited FTP Access
    Domain Forwarding
    10 Email Accounts/ POP & Web-based Email Access/ Email Forwarding/ Email Autoresponder
    1GB Monthly Traffic Allowance
    Drawbacks: 1. Must buy domain name ($18/year) or transfer existing domain name ($35). Transfer fee is waived with two referrals; 2. Daily newsletter which Doteasy members agree to receive (don't need to read it...).
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    I might as well add one that you forgot (totally ad free)
    15 MB; 100 MB/Month of Data Transfer
    SSI, Webalizer
    Drawbacks: Slow, Crowded Servers, Unbelievable amounts of downtime, 100 MB of data transfer... But hey; You get what you pay for...

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    Republic of Slovakia site, written in Slovak
    Mentioned to me by a buddy.
    Anyone speak slovak or know a slovak-english website translation service?
    PHP, MySQL, custom 404, FTP
    Drawbacks: It's in Slovak

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    Doteasy is *not* a free host. They are a registrar requiring domain registration or transfer at inflated prices. The "free" space is covered in their inflated prices.
    If you want "extras" it costs: CGI/PERL $45/6 months, PHP/MYSQL $60/3 months, ASP $75/3 months.

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    158 has english translations for most of the steps..

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    Of you can search!

    I recommend as a very good free host. No banner ads either last time I checked.

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    free host seem to be dieing out since you can get hosting for like 1.95 now (even though its not good) and advertising as died out for free hosting. If you think about it nobody wants to host with a place that has advertsiing and yet free host cant make money unless they advertise so really they have all died out. Sadly enough the few that are left but they will die soon. Places like geocites and stuff seem like they only are being suppored since they are owned by but otherwise they would die out. It also seems that with rackshack that everyone now has a friend that has a friend that has a friend that either owns or works for a hosting company and they can get a good deal if not free hsoting through that. I myself do that. I have a resseller account and i dont run a hosting company i jsut give free accounts to all my friends. I pay 10 bucks a month to support friends websites.

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    here's another 2:

    this one looks sketchy but:

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