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    Questions about shared hosting

    I'm investigating moving a company web site to a managed host and was wondering what the cons are to using a shared host. The site is relatively small (approx. 200 pages of content with archived pdf newsletters), and will be spit into two newly registered domains. It has no dynamic content but I want to transition to ASP and SQL. We have a specific audience and I don't think we're using more than 5 gigs of bandwidth, if that, and many shared plans allow 20 or more. I was looking at and they have a decent shared host plan with SQL 2000. I didn't see anything about support or daily back-ups at a quick glance, and that is obviously a requirement. Can anyone share their expertise with me. Why they would/wouldn't consider a shared host. I am also considering a dedicated host solution, but for what we need it seems like overkill. Also looking for ideas on a reputable host (I'm interested in any replies to the post regarding a list of reputable hosts ), uplinkearth seemed to have a few good reviews here, but I am interested in any views on their service also. Or any other suggestions for a host.


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    Try shared hosting first, with an option to go to a dedicated host if you need to later.

    Your site (5 gig traffic) is targetted towards shared hosting.

    Most people that go to dedicated hosts do a minimum of 20 gigs or more per month. (probably average is about 75 gigs to 100 gigs)

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    The advantage with shared hosting, if it fits your needs (in terms of space, data transfer and features) is that your host looks after your website for you -- they are there when something goes wrong to get it fixed. No hassle for you. (If you pick the right host!)

    With dedicated hosting, you are much more in the hot seat when it comes to solving problems. If you choose a managed dedicated server (more expensive) then you get quite a bit of help (depending on the datacentre), but still not the same as shared hosting. With unmanaged, you are mostly on your own... Basically, don't go dedicated until you are ready to manage your own server. Some companies will manage a server absolutely completely, so it's just like a shared hosting account as far as you are concerned.

    Anyway, for your needs as stated, shared hosting should be absolutely fine and keeps your options wide open.
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    hello bryans,

    when a friend and i were running adult sites, we only averaged 80gigs/month in transfer. so you might want to look into shared hosting first.
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