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    What would users rather have?
    No 800 yet.
    A number, most likly not local to call for help or support or any questions.

    Or a system where you can like send an email with your number such as from email or aim. If aim maybe a mobile phones linked somehow (nexel or something) for staff AIM ready so say you input 555-555-5555*1
    *1 standing for questions or simple tech
    A rep would call the user so the user would not get billed.
    *2 server rekated requiring computer access.
    A tech at a comp would call back or would call back when at a computer.

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    I think for anything big as far as having #1 and #2 like extensions you are looking at $$$.. I just have a 800 that I have forwarded to where I am.. Try RSLCOM.COM I use them and I think there like 5 cents a min with no setup and no monthly fee.

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    I've been trying to get to for some time now, but it just leads to a blank page...
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    Same thing here. OKIHOST, can you confirm the url?

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    I just emailed the guy who set me up with the account.. I am assuming he is a affiliate or something because I know he does not work for them directly. I signed up there was supposed to be like a 5 dollar monthly fee but I usually get a bill for less than a dollar due to the fact no one seems to call the 888 number.. If he does not get back to me I will look for the invoice for last month.

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    Im not talking about extensions for the phone, like SMS messageing or AIM messanging to mobile phones such as having our staff use a nextel network. Saying *1 is sent to the phone we will call back ASAP. If *2 is after the number we will call back when someone is a terminal.

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    Our tech's use Nextel Phones. All of our larger clients have a direct tech cell and a backup cell to a differnt tech as well as the usual support methods. Even some of our smaller customers have cell contact or use AIM to contact our tech's on there cell phones. We dont offer a phone system with options but we are getting estimates on installing one into our expanded office now. I would still keep the cell phones with certain customers having access to there numbers as I feel it is more of a direct relationship with the client that they have the same tech they can talk to all the time. Most of the clients realize its best to only call them on their cell if it truly is an emergency.
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    Originally posted by OKIHost
    I think for anything big as far as having #1 and #2 like extensions you are looking at $$$.. .
    You can get autoattendant systems fairly cheaply, the expensive part is if you want them to go into a queue where they are held, and not just ring directly to a phone.

    That's a 'call center' feature and when we looked at it for our company, it was about $50,000 for a Lucent phone system with queueing.
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    woah, $50,000?

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    For customers they woudl rather that they give you their number and you call them since they dont want to pay long distance but for you cost just do a number. What i offer my self is i have a cell phone provided by cingular that has free long distance and even though i have closed my hosting company i would use the sms feature and you can email [email protected] and it goes right to my phone and i always have it on me (even sleep with it). This may not be to possible though for others...i have a friend that works at cingular that gave me the hook up for unlimted free text messaging lol normally it would cost a fortune for those that are not so lucky. BUt anyways depends if your trying to save yoru self money or customers money. I still think a 800 or 888 or 877 number woudl be the best.

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