I am pretty new to all this Dedicated webhosting. I've got a server from ServerBeach. I believe the server is quite good. But their customer service isn't. But I don't really mind all that much. Once I get my server working I don't expect to have to mail them all too much anyway.

Here's my problem.

I am having real problems setting up a DNS + domain names using WebMin. I've read through nearly all the DNS postings and followed the RackSpace tutorials. But still I am having problems.

This is one of the problems. My NS1 and NS1 have an alias called DNS1 strange??!!

I got one IP from serverbeach. I ordered two others. I want to setup both other IPs for nameservers.

Can somebody give a step by step guide to setting up the DNS. Thank you, once I am sure I have setup this properly. I might ask for help again with setting up domain names.

Thank you in advance.
Andrew Chappell