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    Simple mySql question

    When I want to dump the tables and create a .sql backup in phpmyadmin, what options should I choose? The checkbox options are
    -Add 'drop table'
    -Complete inserts
    -Extended inserts
    -Use backquotes with tables and fields' names

    Also, should I choose
    -structure only
    -data only
    -structure and data

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    complete inserts and structure and data

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    Backup Mysql

    login to phpMyAdmin

    Click your username at the top so that it shows all your tables.

    Find : View dump (schema) of database

    Select what your wish to backup by clicking one of the three circles :

    Structure only
    Structure and data < - * Thats what id Choose *
    Data only

    Then tick : Save as file

    then press " Go "

    and your backing up your database.

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