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    * /...: [EMPLOYMENT REQUEST] Expert PHP programmer available for new jobs :..\

    Hello all,

    With 100% positive feedback and experience from my past PHP jobs, I am once again available for work.

    Being a PHP coder is not hard. It's a language that's simple to learn the basics of. What sets experts apart is their ability to actually MASTER the language and know about the different vulnerabilities of PHP and the different technologies that it can be combined with.

    In order to prove this, I am listing some of my most important and related skills:


    - PHP4 w/mySQL
    - Advanced knowledge of PHP security
    - Prevent mySQL injection
    - Prevent XSS (cross site scripting)
    - Use and work with encrypting sensitive data
    - Avoid session vulnerabilities
    - Prevention of cookie hijacking
    - Validating user input
    - Prevention of mySQL injection
    - Avoiding code injection
    - Prevention of spoofed form submission
    - PHP with OOP (Object Oriented Programming)


    - CSS
    - (X)HTML
    - Photoshop
    - AJAX
    - Javascript
    - Technical support w/ cPanel

    :: WHY ME? ::

    I understand there are a lot of PHP coders out there. Many of them are individuals, some are teams. While I lack the strength of having a large team to work for me, I make up for it in other ways.


    - Ability to communicate much more efficiently and follow up on customer's needs
    - Able to understand and see customer's needs and requirements more easily
    - Ability to work on my own without the need for followup
    - Capable of understanding the project in a broader scope. Leads to the ability to suggest enhancements and discuss both strengths and weaknesses of certain suggestions and possibilities
    - Have full understanding of how my code works, without the need to show someone else how it works. Saves time when modifications are needed.

    :: ABOUT ME ::

    I'm a 22 year old male from Norway. My name is Daniel, and I always work on a personal level with my customers. I'm easy to talk with, patient and always cooperative and willing to work. I both speak and write English fluently, as you can hopefully see, so communicating should be the least of your worries.
    I've been working with computers my entire life, mainly spending time playing games, coding and building and repairing computers.

    :: MY WORK ::

    I've created web based strategy games from scratch, script modifications, worked as a full time web designer in Norway, created order forms, created login systems, administration systems, uptime monitoring scripts, script debugging and so on. I have examples of my work if necessary.

    I work as a freelancer on Rent A Coder and have received 100% positive feedback.

    :: CONTACT ::

    I have both MSN, AIM and email. You can also post here, and I will get back to you shortly. I am looking forward to hear from you and discuss future projects!

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    Thank you all for your job offers.
    I have accepted and completed one job offer already, and I'm in the process of accepting more work as I write this.

    I have enough spare time to take on a few more jobs, so don't hesitate to ask me if I can take care of your project!

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