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    ** raq 4 available immediately ** - 512MB RAM, 20GB HD

    Raq 4 - 450 Mhz, 512MB RAM, 20GB HD

    $200 setup, $152/month

    Base Bandwidth: 25GB/month
    Extra Bandwidth: $30/10GB/month

    Free reboots and console vitals (within reason).
    Personal support and attention.
    MRTG stats.

    Our prices arent the cheapest, we would like to still be in business next year.

    Need more IPs, bandwidth or a special config please let me know.


    [email protected]
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    Hi, I see from your site you are offering the new Raq 550.

    Have you these in stock are you waiting delivery like other hosting companies I've contacted



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    We have 2 Raq 550s arriving on July 31st that we can build to spec.

    In addition, we have upgraded all of our server hosting plans to have a base transfer of 75GB/month.

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