I am VERY frustrate with Nocster support lately. After upgrade to Cpanel 4.9, I have problem of create new ftp account on ALL domain, Webalizer Web Stats not working on some account. I sent in tech support ticket and either don't get any reply or get a useless reply from Keith (which not helpfull)

Searching for help on AIM support and once again, getting from Keith. I wonder if Keith know what is he doing or not. I ask him what is the average respond time for a support ticket and here is his answer:

"BurstNET: depends on the complexity on it...most should be done within a few hours" <<-- yah, sure.

after ask why my ticket (ID #130566,131505) being sent out for awhile and haven't got any reply, here is his answer again:

"BurstNET: if there is nothing else on the ticket, then there is no progress on the ticket as of yet.....this AIM support is not a forum for the impatient to speed up there request"

"BurstNET signed off at 8:16:00 AM. "

What is up with that kind of attitude? after that, he just sign off. You can't help because you don't know what you doing and you run away? that not how it work Keith. I don't think my problem is BIG that they can't fix. I am really frustrate with Nocster support. As of now, my problem still there, unsolve.